Database Solutions develops and markets a series of preset databases for specific construction trades. These databases have been developed by experts in the construction industry, and are put together from a contractor’s point of view. The preset databases currently available include General Contracting, HVAC, Piping, Site Utilities, Drywall, Roofing, and more. Other databases are being developed in response to market demand.

Each preset database comes with a disk, and the product is upgraded periodically. These databases are sold directly by Database Solutions and are also available through an exclusive marketing agreement with Sage.

For businesses which have special requirements, Database Solutions can also customize any preset database to fit specific corporate requirements. Because there are so many different ways to view and use information, Database Solutions often assists customers in modifying databases in this manner.

To develop a customized database, Database Solutions works with the customer to review information on a division by division basis. Once the parameters and business methodology have been defined, Database Solutions reconfigures and enhances the information in the preset database. The resulting customized product will streamline operations and mesh with each company’s unique business practices.

Database Solutions offers complete training for new users of its databases, then follows through the implementation process to assure that the software is integrated at all levels of the corporate structure. From estimating to scheduling to accounting, it must work well for every department. Database Solutions is available on a contract basis to oversee the integration of a new system and make it work most effectively for every user.

Database Solutions’ goal is to get new systems up and running quickly with minimal interruption in work flow. Our consultants utilize effective strategies that enhance the overall process, such as working with on-site staff in advance, coordinating a detailed implementation plan, and advising on training and staffing requirements. This expertise ensures a smooth transition and minimizes installation headaches and delays.

Sage Training & Implementation
Standard Precision School Class    $2000 plus expenses
Day One:
Overview of Precision Estimating Software:
Takeoff issues
Spreadsheet manipulation
Help systems
Day Two:
Discussion of company specific issues with training
Discussion of database specific issues with training
Database building
Phases & Items
Formulas and assemblies
Extended Precision School Class    $4000 plus expenses
First 2 days include topics in standard class outlined above
Day Three:
Overview of Standard Topics:
Setting up Crews
WBS Codes
Day Four:
Intelligent Assemblies
Extended Reports
Precision Tools
On-Site Consultation*
PE Consultation on site for 4 hour minimum to cover company specific issues.
Discussion of company and database specific issues
Database customization
Custom assemblies
Precision school training is based upon the training course materials and books provided by Timberline Software Corporation, with company and database specific information provided by Database Solutions. Additional cost for training manuals is $55.00 for Standard and $70 for Extended.Precision consultants and trainers have 15+ years of construction experience and certified by Timberline Software.
Mileage and travel expenses not included.

*Telephone consultation can be arranged.

For an industry where no standard database exists, Database Solution will work with a customer to create one from scratch. These databases are completely custom designed and offer companies the opportunity to streamline their current estimating system in the most effective way within the Sage environment.

Database Solutions consultants have created custom databases for customers in a wide variety of specialty industries. Some of these include Ceramic Tile, Clean Room Construction, High Voltage Underground Power Distribution, High Voltage Transmission, Food Service Equipment, and Service Station Construction. Our expertise in analyzing business data and converting it from other computing environments sets us apart from the rest and offers the highest quality product.

"It is absolutely fantastic...

...and has exceeded our expectations. The database allows us to takeoff our specific work much faster than we did previously and there is a great deal of flexibility for different types of work."
Dan Miller, Operations Manager, Moore Painting

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