Site and Infrastructure

Metric Database for Site Contractors

The site and infrastructure contractor’s only accurate and comprehensive estimating database is available from Database Solutions, Inc. Designed exclusively for contractors that self-perform site and utilities work this database makes it easy for the contractor to produce estimates for projects of All sizes. The database works within Sage/Timberline Estimating environment and is available in CORE and CORE PLUS. Using this database, you will be able to do fast takeoff to produce detailed professional estimates.

The Database Includes:

  • More than 12,390 items.
  • More than 12,390 items.
  • More than 596 phases.
  • More than 330 formulas.
  • More than 167 assemblies.
  • CSI 2004 Division 1 through 48 embedded WBS codes
  • Alternate sorting between CSI 1995 1 — 16
  • Budget line items and assemblies.
  • All materials items referenced to bill of material codes.

Assemblies The site and infrastructure database offer assemblies for effectively any type of construction activity you will encounter allowing complete and accurate takeoff, with a minimal number of variables to answer. All assembles are compatible for use with digitizers and other electronic takeoff methods. There are assemblies for both budget and detailed takeoff. Additional phases, items, and assemblies may be added by the user at any time in this database.

Crews This database makes use of building crews with the phase and item structure of Sage/Timberline. The crew members items that the user can see and price on the estimate. Currently the database contains over 110 resources for various types of job site equipment to be used

Professional Standards

Database Solutions offers expert consultation with each contractor to modify the database to their specific needs. Database-Solutions has always received high marks for excellent products. Our background is construction and we understand the needs of estimators and project managers. Through your solutions provider we offer consulting services to customize the database for your specific requirements.

"It is absolutely fantastic...

...and has exceeded our expectations. The database allows us to takeoff our specific work much faster than we did previously and there is a great deal of flexibility for different types of work."
Dan Miller, Operations Manager, Moore Painting

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