Industrial Equipment

Database Features:

  • The database numbering structure has been constructed so that any additional sections can be added easily.
  • All sections follow CSI numbering format.
  • This database has been designed from the start to be modular so that sections may be added, deleted, or modified per the requirements of any one company.
  • All common combinations and sizes have been included.

Database Sections:

10880.000        Scales
11505.100        Equipment Setup & Align
11510.100        Crystallizers
11510.150        Dryers & Drums
11510.200        Mixers
11510.250        Separators
11510.280        Flotation Equipment
11510.400        Size Reduction Equipment
11510.480        Classification Equipment
11510.500        Filters


11510.550        Centrifuges
11510.600        Drivers
11510.650        Separation Process Units
11510.700        Dust Collector
11510.800        Ejectors & Extractors
11510.900        Water Treatment Equipment
11510.952        Waste Treatment Equipment
11511.010        Vessels – Reactors
11511.100        Industrial Pumps
11511.150        Compressors/Pumps


11511.200        Generators
11511.300        Heat Exchangers
11511.400        Evaporators
11511.450        Condensers
13206.100        Tanks – Storage
13211.100        Pressure Vessels
14550.000        Conveyors
14570.000        Feeder Equipment
14571.700        Material Handling Equipment
14620.200        Hoists

"It is absolutely fantastic...

...and has exceeded our expectations. The database allows us to takeoff our specific work much faster than we did previously and there is a great deal of flexibility for different types of work."
Dan Miller, Operations Manager, Moore Painting

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