Comprehensive Industrial

Exclusively for General Contractors

The Comprehensive Industrial Database is a complete database for Industrial Construction available for users of Sage Timberline Estimating Software.
The database is comprehensive as it includes all Civil —Structural — Architectural — Commodity Pipe — HVAC — Electrical — Instrumentation — Industrial Equipment and Heavy Industrial Pipe that contractors, construction managers, and facility owners require for estimating large construction projects at industrial facilities.

The Comprehensive Industrial Database is provided as 5 different databases organized as follows with the sections broken out as follows:

Database Statistics

01 – GC and Industrial Equipment

Phase Records 1,194
Item Records 15,805
Formula Records 1,092
Formula Tables Records 609
Variable Records 1,684
Assembly Records 466
Item Table Records 857

02 – Electrical and Instrumentation

Phase Records 1,205
Item Records 29,051
Formula Records 518
Formula Tables Records 154
Variable Records 1,197
Assembly Records 376
Item Table Records 785

03 — Commodity Pipe & Mechanical

Phase Records 1,409
Item Records 34,305
Formula Records 276
Formula Tables Records 183
Variable Records 315
Assembly Records 422
Item Table Records 821

04 — Heavy Process & Pipe
Phase Records 2,357
Item Records 159,448
Formula Records 271
Formula Tables Records 69
Variable Records 191
Assembly Records 298
Item Table Records 838

05 – Comprehensive Industrial Database

Phase Records 6,138
Item Records 238,365
Formula Records 2,106
Formula Tables Records 998
Variable Records 3,280
Assembly Records 1,560
Item Table Records 3,279

Note that there is no direct correlation between the breakout databases and the comprehensive combined database in the count of records. There are multiple uses of the same phases, items, and assemblies, between different databases.

Database Features and Information

CSI Compliance

• The database is compliant with the CSI 2004 Master Format Division 00 to Division 48 format.
• The database is also backwards compatible with the CSI 1995 MasterFormat Division01 to Division 16 format.
• The user can flip back and forth between the new and old CSI formats easily.

Use of Crews, Resources and Rate Tables

• The database takes full use of the resources, crews, and rate table’s features of Sage Estimating Extended.
• This allows the user to quickly set up the labor and equipment sections with their specific pricing.
• Examples of different types of rate tables are included.

Use of embedded WBS Codes

• The database takes full use of WBS features offered in Estimating Extended
• There are numerous uses of WBS codes for different users with embedded data.

Detail and budget information

• The database offers both detail sections and budget pricing sections, with assemblies.

Harrison Publishing Price Update Codes

• The commodity pipe, mechanical equipment, electrical, instrumentation, and heavy process and pipe sections contain embedded Price Update Codes from Harrison Publishing for quick and easy update of material pricing for these items.

Allowance for specific Industrial sections

• The new CSI 2004 numbering structure offers a better organization and breakout of sections that Industrial users require. Process equipment, material processing, process heating and cooling and drying, process gas and liquid handling and pollution control are all now specific sections within the database.
• The CSI 2004 numbering structure offers division 45 for industry specific estimating information.
• This is of great help to facility managers and owners to place their specific information into the correct numbering section.

Consulting to add Industry Specific Section

• Database Solutions has the consulting ability to work with and company in any industry and add the industry specific phases, items, formulas, assemblies and models, as you need.

Database Updates

• Database Solutions is updating the Comprehensive Industrial Database on a consistent basis. We are adding new items as required, creating new assemblies and models, and upgrading existing sections as needed.
• Updates are available twice per year, and at no charge for 12 months after purchase.

Estimating Software Requirements and Version

• The Comprehensive Industrial Database will work with the Sage Estimating CD 9.4.3 and above.
• The Comprehensive Industrial Database requires Sage Estimating Extended.

"It is absolutely fantastic...

...and has exceeded our expectations. The database allows us to takeoff our specific work much faster than we did previously and there is a great deal of flexibility for different types of work."
Dan Miller, Operations Manager, Moore Painting

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