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The painting industry’s only accurate and comprehensive estimating is now available from Database Solutions, Inc. Designed exclusively for commercial painting contractors the Painting Database makes it easy for the contractor to produce estimates for projects of all sizes. The database works within the Sage Estimating environment and is set to work with Master Builder Standard Estimating and Sage Estimating Standard or Extended. Using this database you will be able to do fast takeoff to produce detailed professional estimates.

The Database Includes:

  • Equipment lifts
  • Surface preparation and set up
  • Exterior walls and trim for CMU, concrete, clapboards, shingles, EIFS, and metal siding.
  • Interior walls for CMU, concrete, gypsum wallboard and plaster.
  • Interior trim for doors, windows, wainscoting, elevator doors, and handrails.
  • Ceilings for gypsum wallboard, plaster, concrete, metal deck, bar joists, and popcorn ceilings.
  • Fast stairwell takeoff for gypsum wall board, CMU, or concrete stairwells.
  • Paint all steel shapes. W-Beams, tees, angles, channels, pipe and metal duct.
  • All items have the different paint specifications of paint that are applicable to the substrate you are painting. Latex, alkyd, epoxy, urethane, block filler, dryfall, DTM, Industrial Enamel are just a few of the paint specifications included in the database.
  • All materials are referenced with bill of material codes. Using this database you will be able to produce bill of material lists by room, floor, area, or any other way you wish to have your supplier provide your materials.

Assemblies The Painting Database offers assemblies for effectively any type of exterior walls, interior walls, ceilings, stairwells, wall coverings, doors, windows, trim, floors, steel shapes, conduit, pipe, and duct. The assemblies offer fast and detailed takeoff with a minimal number of variables to answer. All assemblies are compatible for use with digitizers and other electronic takeoff methods.

Professional Standards Our professional standards are not exceeded. Database Solutions has always received high marks for excellent products. Our background is construction and we understand the needs of estimators and project managers.

"It is absolutely fantastic...

...and has exceeded our expectations. The database allows us to takeoff our specific work much faster than we did previously and there is a great deal of flexibility for different types of work."
Dan Miller, Operations Manager, Moore Painting

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