There are many benefits of using our databases with Sage Estimating. Here are a few:

  1. Price is Less expensive. The amount of time to build a proper database Is
    immense. In the range of 500-1000 hours depending upon how complex they want
    their information. Much less expensive to purchase an existing one and make
    the changes needed than to start from zero and build up.
  2. Experience.  This is what…..….your 1st database. We have built and
    modified a few thousand over the time. We have the experience.
  3. Time.  No estimator has the time to build a database. They are busy
    putting estimates out the door. Many times we have heard form people
    they will build their own, only to hear back from them 6-9-12 months or
    years later to hear. It never got done and we need to use that software.
  4. We have the libraries of information.  Need sandblasting, done already.
    Need the SF of all steel shapes, did that long ago.   Need painting
    spread rates for different substrates, done. All of these, plus many
    more we have done and can use in building a new database. This greatly
    effects our efficiency and the three mentioned above. Time, experience
    and price.

View our databases to learn more about all we have to offer.

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